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6' Flail Mower (44)

Price $3,000 plus gst

Dendi Rotary Hoe (6)

Price $2,750 plus gst

Spreader Massey Ferguson (27)

For the collector.

Hay Spike - Berends (76) *

Price $385 plus gst

Crane Jib (20)

3pl heavily built crane jib Price $750 plus gst

Single Tyne Ripper (70)

3pl single tyne ripper, very heavy solid unit Price $425 plus gst

2PL Scoop (38)

Price $400 plus gst

3PL Trubilt 8 Run Seeder (J046) *

Fitted with covering harrows, small unit for the hobby farmer, in working condition Price $2200 plus gst

Offsets (57)

12 plate. Price $950 plus gst

Duncan 750 Till Seeder (J042) *^

11 run, with spares, turns over, nice clean original unit, original paint Price $6500 plus gst

Maschio 7' Rotary Hoe (3) *

Price $2,850 plus gst

5' Rotary Hoe (9)

RL1452, suit lighter tractor. Price $1,800 plus gst

6' Broom (29)

3pl, pto driven. Price $2,500 plus gst

Case Scoop (J072) *

Price $1200 plus gst

Blades (D66)

A variety of blades available. Prices start from $825.00.

3PL Toolbar (J001)

Price $450 plus gst

3PL Slashers (D65)

4' & 5' slashers. Priced from $1,300 plus gst upwards

Carry All (D64)

6' wide. Price $225 plus gst

Mesh Carry All (D63)

Width - 6'. Price $165 plus gst

Rotary Hoe (J035)

Caroni, 1050mm wide. $1350+GST

Teagle Tipmix (J035)SOLD

3pl cement mixer, 2 available. Price $650 plus gst each

Offset Disc Banker (J047) *

Price $3,500 plus gst

Tierre Flail Mower (J064)*

Model TRL-320, 10' cut, heavy duty. Great Condition

Rau Rototiller Peg Rotary Tiller(J075)*

7' wide peg rotary tiller. In great condition $2700 + GST


Green plough 1,100.00 + GST

Scarifier (J171)*

$800 + GST

International 5 Discs (JJ92)*SOLD

International 5 Disc Plough In excellent condition. $1,650.00 + gst

Lely Mower (JJ00084)*

2 mtr wide cut Hyd lift original machine,turns freely. $3000.00+

Chisel Plough(JJ00126)

5 tyne double spring Massey Chisel Plough 1,250.00+gst

Caroni Rotary Hoe(D00124)

1500.00+gst nice neat rotary hoe suitable for smaller size tractor

Scarifier(JJ & D)

1100.00+gst Consignment Stock

3PL Ripper(JJ00147)


International Scarifier (JJ00148)sold

In excellent condition $2100+GST

3PL Seeder(JJ00157)


3PL offsets(JJ00165)*


3PL Slasher(JJ00167)*

6 ft wide. $1950.00+gst

Lely twin disc 3pl Super/Spreader(D00160)sold

4 1/2 foot X 7 1/2 foot wide 3.9 foot high $3,250 + gst

Twin Slasher (JJ00177)

6 1/2 ft wide. $2300+GST

Slasher (JJ00182)

$1,600 + gst

Green Scarifier14103(JJ00191)sold

19 tynes. 3pl. Neat, clean and tidy. Spring release tynes. $990+gst

Orange Scarifier 14113(JJ00190)

9 Tynes fixed scarifier $800.00+gst

Scarifier brown 14111(JJ00189)

fixed 10 tyne scarifier, set up for row cropping but has adjustable tynes to suit individual needs. $780+gst

Red Scarifier 14120(D00178)

curly scarifier x 7 tynes with depth wheels $1250+GST. 3PL

Curly Tyne Scarifier(JJ00188)SOLD

24 Tynes $1300.00+gst

Rollabar Hay Rake(JJ00197)

International 3pl rollabar rake. Clean and tidy. $1250+GST

Spinner Trencher Gutter Cleaner (D00185)

3PL Drainage cleaner. PTO /drive with shaft. 600mm dia spinner. Clean and solid. $1200+GST

Daniel Harvey 3pl twin tyne plough (JJ00221)

Heavy duty. Suit deep ripping if needed. $500+GST



Drain Cleaner(JJ00235)

Rotary drain cleaner. $950+gst

Offset Disc Plough(JJ00238)

12 plate offset $950+gst

4 Tyne Heavy Duty Ripper(JJ00241)*

Multi positions. 4 tynes supplied $1700+gst

Drain Cleaner(JJ00247)

Rotary Drain cleaner in original condition. Neat, clean and tidy. $1150+GST

Drain Cleaner Berends(JJ00246)sold

Rotary drain cleaner, in original clean condition. Straight and tidy. $1250+GST

Silvan Spray Unit(JJ00256)sold

600LT, 7.6 meter boom PTO pump, Foam marker, $2400+gst

Silvan Spray Unit(JJ00255)sold

P.T.O pump 400lt tank 5.5 meter boom 1900+GST


Massey Ferguson

9 tyne Massey Ferguson spring release scarifier $800+gst

Rotary Hoe(JJ00260)


1995 Zappatrice. 8' wide 2.3m cut Heavy duty rotary hoe fitted with new blades. Neat, clean and tidy. $3200+gst

Toro A52 Aerator(D000224)*

Priced reduced to $1500 +GST

Stick Rake(JJ00283)sold

3PL Stick rake. Straight and tidy. $800

Pipe Layer(JJ00266)

3PL ripper fitted with pipe layer. Heavy Duty. $730+gst

Mixer (JJ00314)

Extended model, suitable for grain seeds and/or concrete. Neat, clean and tidy unit. $1300+GST

Log Grab (D000258)*

length 1000 Width 660 Height 1100 3750+GST

3PL Silvan Boom Spray(JJ00323)*

5400 wide Vin 3530 1450+GST


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