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Hopper (63)

Bagging Off Hoppers x 2

On wheels, $1,250

Heavy Duty Harrows (80)

Heavy Duty Harrows

Leaves available P O A from 70 to 170 Please phone to check availability

Cole Supa Flo Grouper (57) * sold

16'. Air controls. Extra tension and roll over tarp fitted. Price: $4,250 + gst

Hardi Spray Tank (11) *

Honda Pump Fit on tray. Can have a bar on back. Includes spray bar $3250+ gst

Shearer Field Span (74)

Wings 2-6 Back 3-65

New Holland (126) ------------ REDUCED TO CLEAR!!!

3030 model. Cultivator bars fitted. Murry Harrows. Situated in Donald yard. REDUCED TO $3,600 plus gst

Shearer Scarifier (112)

Older unit, no ram. Price $1200 plus gst

Header Tracks (44) *

Complete and appear to be in good order Price $2500 plus gst

Chamberlain Scarifier 26 Tyne (J100) *

$2200 plus gst 3.8 m wide

60' Goldacres Boom Spray (J007) * ^ G SOLD

Foam marker, hand reel, Approx 3000lt. Price $7181.82 plus gst

KC Super Bins (J067) *^

2 bins, approx 5.4 cubic metres each. Price $1700 plus gst each

18 Disc One-Way Plough (J141)

Price $850 plus gst

3 Gang Roller (J130) *

Hydraulic operation, main roller 3m, 2 wings 1.2m each. Price $3,000 plus gst

Heaslip Grouper (128) *

Price $7,000 plus gst

Allbulk Grouper (J172) * sold

15'. Price $3,090.90 plus gst

28' Harrows (J177)

Price $1,800 plus gst

Single Tyne Tow Ripper (J179)

Price $1300 plus gst

Auger 18' x 5 sold

Kimbell-Adeney. Price $1800 plus gst

Small Feeder Conveyor (21)

Price $850 plus gst

Spray Unit (D34) *

To suit back of a ute, 5.5hp horsepower honda motor. Approximately 800L Price $2250 plus gst

International 211 Scarifier (D33) *

29 tyne. Price $5,300 plus gst

60' Jetstream Harrows (J032) *^

Harrows with welded on tips. Can supply changeover harrows for additional charge. Price $5,000 plus gst

Horwood Bagshaw Scarifier w Prickle Chain (J040) *

48 tyne. REDUCED TO $6000.00 plus gst

Bush Hog (J078) *

Price $10,000 plus gst 56 PLATE 32'cut

Jetstream Grouper (J092) *

16' single bin grouper, in very good order, no motor. Price $3,500 plus gst

Vennings Grouper (J093) *^

15'9". Price $7,000 plus gst

Connor Shea Disc Seeder (J129) *^(SOLD)

Series 2, 14 run, 8' wide, in good working condition. Price $6800 plus gst

International 211 Scarifier (J158) *

25 tyne, Price $4,750 plus gst

Silage Grab (J002)*

1410 wide Hydraulically operated, quick hitch in good condition $1500 + GST

Seymour Multispread Trailing Belt Super Spreader(JJ31)*

Seymour multispread trailing belt spreader in excellent condition $7250 + GST

Bale Grab (JJ58)*

$1,500.00 + gst

Green Scoop(JJ00047)*


Red rubber tyred scoop(JJ00046)*

$2200.00+gst Serial No 4850

International Scarifier 25 Tyne (JJ94)*

211, clean original condition mud scrapers and knock on points $4250.00+gst

Taylorway 36 plate Offset Disc (JJ00074)*

Taylorway 36 Plate Disc in good condition. Good solid frame with no cracks. 4 gang unit.Frame fitted with 4 floatation tyres, fitted with mud scrapes. 14' cut $10,500.00 + gst

Goldacres (JJ00080)*

1900 ltr Tank 58 feet boom Large late model pump. Good solid Tank Foam marker fitted on Bogie suspension Complete with monitors $4400.00+gst

New Holland 96 mower parts(JJ00094)

Gear box and leg $350 + GST

Jetstream Boomspray(JJ00092)

59ft boom $2750+GST

Hay Feedout Cart (JJ00119)

Neat and tidy. $3,000.00 + gst

Offsets (D00145)

$6500+GST Unassembled

Grain Mother Bin(JJ00153)*

Four Farmers Mother Bin by Dunstan $18800+gst

Goldacres Boom Sprayer(D00146)*REDUCED TO CLEAR

Prairie-- 5000 ltr tank. 110 FT Boom Hyd drive on pump No monitor available $12500+GST

Goldacres Boom Sprayer(JJ00158)*

$12500+GST 5000L PTO drive Foam Marker No monitor available

Ferri 3PL Offset Boom Flail Mower(JJ00162)*

Tested and works $3,500.00+gst

Small Auger 6x25 (JJ00163)

6" x 25' 6.5hp motor $1850.00+gst



Silvan Spray Tank (JJ00183)

Spray tank. Fire fighting tank. 1000L. Honda pump. On portable base $2250+gst

Auger 40X9 (JJ00192)*


Connor Shea Chisel Plough(JJ00193)

Excellent order. $2500+gst

Keenan Mixer Wagon(D00181)* heavily Reduced sold


Keenan Klassik II $14500+gst s/n 14j1/10

New Holland 275 Baler(JJ00196)

Parts Only Please Ring first

Bonel Offset Plough(D00186)*


Late model 30 Disc plough fitted with hydraulics. 11'8" cut. Overall 5200 x 3200 W $9000+GST

Auger 48 X 9 (JJ00220)

Hydraulic drive fitted with moveable jockey wheel. Well balanced. Going through workshop.POA

Bush Hog Offset Disc Plough small (JJ00225)*

24 plate. Approximately 11' 6" cut Clean original unit. $9500+gst

Culti-pak Roller(JJ000262)*

2.5m wide. Made specially for smaller property owners and was used behind sod seeder. In extremely good condition. $2200+GST

12 x 4 Pencil Auger(JJ00258)

No motor fitted. cog and chain supplied. $450+gst

16 Plate Offsets(JJ00281) sold

Neat, clean and tidy. $3000+gst

4" Roller Mill (JJ00285)

Ex Dairy farm. Selling as is. $650+gst

4" Roller Mill(JJ00284)

Ex Dairy Farm. Selling as is. $650+gst

Front End Loader Bucket(D00229)

From 4280 Cat FEL Back hoe. Sell complete as per photos. $3250+gst Tractor burnt, other parts available. Call for detail

Horwood Bagshaw Harrows(JJ00270)*

15 Leaf harrow bar approximately 42' wide. Hydraulic lift and widening. Leaves in good order. Tidy straight machine. $5750+gst

Pellet Forks(D000234)

Bobcat forks properly manufactured. Done little work. $800+gst

Auger 40'x9" (JJ00296)*

Kohler petrol motor Comes with third wheel with hydraulic motor. $6000+gst

Connor Shea Napier Offsets(JJ00290)*G

39 Plate, in great condition. $10250+gst

Southern Cross Irrigation(JJ00324)


S x 2500F vin:06b2008a22 $4500+GST

International 28 disc Offsets (JJ00344)*

28 disc Length 5500 Width 3700 $7000+gst

New Holland Hay Stackliner 1032 (D000266)*

Has been tested. Turns over and works. $11000+gst

Scoop (JJ00342) sold

Trailing scoop with 1.35m cut $2000+gst

Massey Ferguson Chaser Bin(JJ00338)

Length 3140 Width 2200 Height 1500 $2750+gst PTO Driven Fold down augers

Rodda Chaser Bin (JJ00337)

length 2400 width 2300 height 1300 $2600+gst PTO Driven Fold down augers

A2-10 International Scarifier (JJ00354)

21 tyne with ram $3500+gst

A2-10 International Scarifier (JJ00353)

21 tyne No ram $3500+gst



15 Harrow leaves (D000282)

$200+gst per leaf but must take the lot. Equivalent to 40' harrow bar

Harrow arms (D000281)

1520 long Harrow lifting arms for harrow bar as is $50+gst each

Rock Rake/Scoop (JJ00369)*G

13' x 7' $8000+GST

Harrows 40FT (JJ00394)

Hyd folding Harrows 40ft wide In good condition

50 'X 9 Auger (D00001)*

50' x 9" Kolhler 2 cylinder petrol engine. $6250+gst

Fire Fighter Unit / Spray tank (JJ00389)*G

600L Onga fire fighting unit. 1.3 m wide, 1.9 long. Fitted with 5.5hp Honda motor. The whole unit appears to have done very little work. Straight, clean and tidy. Certainly above average condition. ...

Rapidspray Tank (JJ00386)

600L weed sprayer/ fire fighting unit with 5.5hp Honda Motor in good working order. Width 1150 Length 1650 2650+gst

Digga PD3 attachments (D000291)

Bobcat post driver attachments. 3 x drills 900 600 300 $3000+gst firm

Wrecking Massey Ferguson 54 Mower Conditioner (JJ00399)

NO parts to the cutter bar Suit parts or Wrecking

New Holland 96 Mower (JJ00401)

Original machine. 8' cut and been checked $3000+gst

New Holland 351 Hammer Mill (JJ00402)*

Two screens. 7/16 holes 1/8 holes In good working condition. Has been gone over and was a solid machine to start with. Been undercoated and painted in 2 pack. $7250+gst

Taylorway Offsets (JJ00416)*

Hydraulic folding wings. 54 plates. In good condition. $14500+GST

Double Drum Roller (D000303)*SOLD

Total height of roller including feet =1440 Height of feet =170 Width 2890 3830 from draw bar to rear $6250+gst

New Holland 96 Slasher (JJ00431)*

Tow behind, PTO driven. Checked and serviced. In good working order. $3300+gst

Bush Hog Offsets (JJ00430)

56 Disc. In good condition $13000+gst

Chamberlain Scarifier (JJ00429) G

25 Tyne. Murray harrows at rear. $3500+gst 4.5 m wide

Eden SuperSuc Tank (D000307)*

7' x 5' With PTO Vacuum pump(needs attention). Clean and tidy.Is fitted with large disposal hatches. May be suitable for a static conversion to truck tray at a very realistic price. $4250+gst

24' Header Comb (JJ00442)

Comb only. Trailer separate. 24' John Deere Header front $1000

Comb Trailer (JJ00448)

Currently has 24' front on.

Water Cartage Tank (D000325)

Goldacres 1000L tank. No motor $1400+gst

International Scarifier Air Seeder (JJ00476)

43 tyne with wings. Dismantled for cartage $6500+GST

JF - Fabriken Hay Feed Out (JJ00473)*

JF AV 4000

sn:40698 Bin 4m long, 1.6m wide $3750+GST

Agware Oat Feeder (JJ00482)* G

Tow behind which can be 3pl mounted if needed. Hydraulically driven auger $1500+GST

Connor Shea 14 Coil tyne drill (JJ00499) sold

Original paint but still presents neat and tidy. Tungsten tip points. $8000+gst

18 run Agrow Drill (JJ00505)* G

Tungsten tip points, Harrows on rear Can be made into 3PL. Works well, Solid machine Model No. 18R4T/B Serial No. 980314

Cable Puller (D000328)

Can be attached to a Bobcat

Proline Post Hole Digger (JJ00503)

Made by Evans Deakin, South Australia

Connor Shea Disc Seeder 18 run (JJ00506)*sold

Connor shea 18 run disc seeder Before and after photo's show work that's gone into machine $8500+GST

Hobbs Hoist (JJ00517)

Lift range from 1250 to 1550

Connor Shea 18 run Disc Seeder with small seed box (JJ00515) sold

Connor Shea 18 run disc seeder with small seed box In excellent condition $9250+GST

Macey 14ft Grouper (JJ00340)

14ft Grouper Good solid unit, good tarp 8000+GST

Pencil Auger 16X4 (JJ00541)*

16' x 4" steel barrel on pneumatic wheels. Fitted with heavy duty 240v capacitator start motor. Painted in two pac. $1350+gst

Rubber Tyred Roller (JJ00511) sold

10' wide. Bearings good. Works well. $1000+GST

New Holland 658 Hay Baler (JJ00510)*

Has made 33706 bales. Net wrap. Very clean and tidy machine. Works well. Off season price to buy now. Been shedded all its life. $9500+gst

Harrows (JJ00535)

5X5X5 Harrows

Shearer 20 Plate Offsets (JJ00534)


Shearer 20 Plate offset discs In excellent Condition

Munro Post Driver (JJ00532)

4" hole drill $7500+gst

Silvan Spray Tank (JJ00531)

400L Two hand sprayers

New Holland 492 Mower Conditioner (JJ00529)*

Presentation of this mower conditioner is one of the best that we have come across. It has been checked over ready for sale. Rollers are in very good condition. Priced to sell for the right person. ...

Flexigrip Bale Grab/ Quick Hitch for tractor (JJ00528)

Maximum opening width 1.9m $1500+GST

R K Macey Feed out Cart (JJ00527)*

Fitted with spring suspension & new tyres Ideal for off road and road use. $1300+gst

Landaco Fertilizer Spreader (JJ00522)*

Bin: 2250 long, 1600 wide, 900 high Comes with separate bait/seed box on rear In good order. $10500+gst

Connor Shea 26 run Disc Seeder with small seeds box (JJ00539)*

Workshop checked and tested, seed boxes removed, all shafts tested and turned freely. All discs have new bearings where needed and discs are a good size. All necessary repairs done where needed. Has s...

Kuhn GA 4121 Gm Masterdrive Rotary Hay Rake

Working width 4.1m This is a late model machine that has done very little work. Presents in new condition. Current model. $7500+gst

John Shearer 16 run spring tyne seeder

This machine can easily be made into 32 tyne seeder.

Horwood Bagshaw Stick Rake (JJ00525)

6 wheels Please note, has 6 wheels only, one is missing. Makes no difference to its usability. It has welded fixed tynes. Hard to get item. $4000+gst as is


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